Monday, August 20, 2012

No Sauce BBQ Ribs

            I was not planning at all to Blog this recipe. It turned out so delicious I felt I just had to share! It was also easy and not very time consuming. I have been in pain for  a few days but I still need to produce a delicious homecooked meal for my family. Enough of the small talk lets get to the recipe.

1 Slab of Spareribs
Chicken Bouillon (Caldo)
Dry Rub (ours consisted of Chili Powder, BBQ Seasoning, and a dash of Garlic Salt)

         I simply cut the Ribs into portion size pieces. If you slice close to a bone its very simple to do. I then added the pieces to a large pot and added in my Caldo. I just sprinkled from the jar. If I had to guess it was about 4-5 Tbsps. I then simmered the ribs for about an hour and a half. Remove and let them air dry (maybe 10 mins on a platter with paper towel underneath) Next add your dry rub to the top of the Ribs. Then throw them on the grill for just  a few minutes basically just to brown them. There you have it you are done. I was actually so surprised at how delicious these Ribs actually were. I even commented that BBQ sauce would have ruined them. They were so tender. I am a person who puts salt on almost everything I eat (I know its not healthy) and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't need to salt them. I will certainly be making these ribs more often

        Sorry I have no picture to add as I had not planned to Blog this but it was to delicious not to. Also not feeling well it was easier than ordering or picking up takeout!

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