Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lets Make Salsa Verde

               I am a canner. I make this recipe in a nice big batch and can it to have on hand for future recipes. I cant tell you all how nice it is to go down in the basement and grab a jar for a delicious and easy dinner. The FDA has its own canning recommendations and guidelines that can be found here While others like myself use recipes passed down from Grandmothers, Aunts, Mothers and other Family Members. The one thing I highly recommend is using a very clean and sterile environment when canning. Now lets get to our recipe! If you are going to can this recipe simply grab a box of Ball Glass Jars from your local store. Since I can I notice them in almost every store with Hardware stores having the best selection.With that all being said lets get cooking!

3lbs of Tomatillos ( I peel the outer shell off and put them in a large bowl filled with water and vinegar to soak)

10 Jalapenos (less if you do not like it so hot. I also 'bathe' these the same as the Tomatillos)

3 large white onions

Garlic (I use an entire Clove)

1/2cup of Lime Juice

1/2cup of Lemon Juice

Cilantro (I use an entire bushel rinsed and laid out on a towel cutting the stems off)

Salt to taste (about 2tsps)

     Core both ends of the Tomatillos (this is a canning safety) and chop into 1/4's. Slice the top and end tip off of the Jalapeno (Gloves are recommended for this! I have burnt my hands and eyes more than once) Now slice the Jalapenos down the middle and get the vein and the  seeds out leaving a few if you like your salsa hot) Cut the Jalapenos into 1/2's. Throw the Tomatillos and the Jalapenos into a large pot. Add in the Onion and Garlic and pour the Lemon and Lime Juice in as well. Cover and simmer until all are soft.
     Once all is soft we have 3 options to mix. You can use a Blender, a Food Processor, or a Handheld Immulsion Blender that you can use in the pot. Add in the Salt and the Cilantro and Blend. If your Salsa turns out to liquidy you can reheat and add a Tsp or 2 of Cornstarch. If you Salsa is to thick you can add some Lemon or Lime Juice.
     This is the point where I use a sterile funnel and add mine to my sterile jars and place my sterile lids on. I then add the jars to a pan and cover with water bring to a boil for 15-25 minutes. I carefully remove and place in a clean spot usually on a towel and leave sit for 24 hrs. During those hours you will hear an occasional 'pop' that is your jars sealing. After the 24 hrs you will check that all your jars have sealed. You can tell by pushing down on the tops and if there is no bump felt they have sealed.
     I hope your family enjoys this as much as my family does! We always have a jar in the refrigerator as we put it on so many different things. We also enjoy it with just a batch of chips!     

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