Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Homemade Carnitas

I have tried out many a Carnita recipe and passed them along but this one is by far the best tasting yet! Try it if you like it fine if not then drive to the local corner store on Sat or Sun morning!

1 Pork Roast (cut into chunks leaving the fat on)


Chicken Bouillon (2 heaping tablespoons)

Sauzon (or Adobo)

Garlic Salt

Take the cut up Pork and rub the fat with some EVOO then season the fat with the Garlic Salt and season all of the Pork with the Sauzon. Place it all fat side  down in a greased baking pan. Add a spoonful of  the Chicken Bouillon to the front and to the back of the pan. Add in a few cups of water cover and bake for a few hours at 350 I let it go about 3hrs. You want the water to cook out so don't overfill it. Once the water cooks out and the Pork is tender you will notice that the fat has made a grease at the bottom of the pan. This is when I remove the cover and place the pan on the very bottom of the oven. It basically fries it up a bit without all the mess.

(Remember ALL my recipes are to make life EASY for you) Maybe a good 10 mins or so on the bottom like this. You want it to sizzle it up not to burn! After you make this a few times I promise it becomes so natural to you that you will just end up with the timer set in your head!

Serve this up with your tortillas and salsa whatever you choose to top it with! In our house we go all out some days others we just grab the tortillas and eat!

(Sorry pic was taken after my family attacked them! I try to move faster to get the pics for all of you sometimes the food is just to good)

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