Friday, February 4, 2011

Just an Update because I miss Y’all!

I have come to the determination that preparing diet food is not really my forte. Though I am trying, I scour my lovely new it isn't working... I love my kitchen too muchcookbooks from Weight Watchers and Hungry Girl. I find I have no real natural talent for interpreting my recipes into healthier versions. Practice makes perfect however and I am certainly doing a lot of practicing.

The other day I decided I would make us this recipe I had for “Red Velvet Cupcakes” straight out of one of these “diet cookbooks”. I was highly skeptical of diet cupcakes but went ahead and tried it. The red part of any red velvet cake/cupcake is usually made up of a lot of red food coloring. In this recipe it was done with pureed beets.beet Let it be known I love a good pickled beet now and then. However, I had never dealt directly with plain canned beets before. Please allow me to just say I am very glad I am not Russian and borsht is not part of my menu. I found these canned beets to be smelly and unappetizing. I kept on with the recipe thinking that surely the cocoa powder and all the other ingredients would cover the beet smell. Let me just say as most of the country was covered in Snowpocalypse 2011… I was left with these beet atrocities. What came out of the oven looked like a cupcake, but was no cupcake… more a frosted beet muffin.Chocolate Beet Cupcake They even tasted of beet, chocolate and beet isn’t the greatest combination. It truly was one of the nastiest things I have ever made. EVER. That includes the “pickle sauce” I made in the fourth grade; which was this green, dill scented uh… sauce and I can assure you was perfectly disgusting. Pickles

I can report that I managed to make it through my second term with a 4.0, even the dreaded, evil, math class. The new term has started and I am taking my first junior level class. So far I am a bit overwhelmed (especially with my desire to write this blog and actually keep up with it). I have joined the gym and I am working out more; I started going everyday but the ugly ballet injury I had as a young girl has complicated this. So I am going to start going every other day until I get that knee used to the when you search angry pictures of Mel Gibson pop up... hmmm....idea of working out regularly. Quitting smoking is still an ongoing project. Though I can say I have not had any at all today and I do not currently have a pack so… Sadly I am not a pleasant person to be around. I am told this will pass.

Currently I am working on getting settled into my classes and Itextbooks have an ongoing project of getting a post out on the care and keeping of Cast Iron pans. Many people do not realize the importance of treating them correctly. Please bear with me and I promise I will get it out to you! I love all of you! The support I have received has been awesome! Please keep an eye out for all my new advertisers! Williams Sonoma! I have hit the big time, just kidding but they are my happy place and now I get to feature them on my page!

Do any of you have favorite “diet type recipes”? Please feel free to share! As always keep cooking and keep being creative!


  1. that is too funny! But, bless your heart for giving it your best try! I too am going to WW but hate keeping a list of every bite I eat! So I stick to the lean meats, veggies and fruits and try to stay clear of the carbs as much as possible. You def. desearve a big gold star for that attempt!!! :-)

  2. I swear I posted this comment from my phone already...

    I have a friend who made a great beat and chocolate cake. You couldn't really even tell there were beats in it and it was really chocolaty. Let me know if you want to try that one. Good luck with diet food, I hate trying to do it. One great ingredient is coconut oil. cook with it, even if you fry it nothing comes out greasy, nothing. It's really healthy for you and it doesn't coat your food with an oil flavor. I've baked a bit with it, bread, pancakes etc. but nothing that requires large amounts. Good luck!

  3. RC: Thank you so much! I love sharing my goof ups with people! Not only is it amusing but it shows that we are all human, even us "Queens"!

    Tracy: Yes! Please! If you would like you can be a guest post writer! The fiber in the beets is filling and good for you... just didn't come out so good in my "beet muffins". I threw out the 10 that were left yesterday. Remarkably they were still really moist... just inedible. ICK. Coconut oil is not one I have tried, I use safflower or olive oil a lot. Mainly olive oil... I thought coconut would be on the bad list! I know the peanut oil we use to fry turkeys at holidays and special events is a big bad no no... but dang if it doesn't make stuff taste good! Then there was the year we ran out of peanut oil unexpectedly and had to rush out to find some! None was to be found on Christmas Eve, so we melted down some Crisco. I think I gained twenty pounds just standing near the fryer that year! LOL