Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tomato and Broccoli Pasta Salad

My brother worked at a local restaurant for years. He made the mistake of bringing me a bowl of this delicious pasta salad during one of my pregnancies. I craved it the entire pregnancy. After driving him crazy to bring it to me he finally caved and gave me the recipe. Its always a hit at any holiday or family get together in my house.

Pasta Noodles (your choice we use whatever we have on hand)
Broccoli (cleaned and cut up into bite size pieces)
Cherry Tomatoes (the small ones)
Mayonnaise (about a cup)
Sour Cream (about a cup)
Ranch Dressing (about a cup and 1/2)

Cook your pasta, rinse in very cold water, drain well. I leave it in the strainer to mix all ingredients together it seems to make the cleanup easiest. Add in your Broccoli and Cherry Tomatoes. Then I pile in the Sour Cream the Mayo and the Ranch Dressing (I am not a ranch fan but its the secret ingredient) I amke sure my hands are very clean and find just mixing it all together with my hands is the best way to do this. Then simply transfer all to a bowl and refrigerate. If you find before serving that the pasta has become a bit dry add a bit more sour cream and ranch before serving.

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