Friday, September 21, 2012

Stock up Refried Beans (Frijoles)

In my house we eat refried beans at least once a week. They can actually be a little costly. I am always looking for ways to cut my budget down and this was a simple recipe that really will lower my grocery bill even more.

1 large bag of Pinto Beans (we bought the biggest bag in the store)
2 large Onions (diced)
2 bushels of Cilantro
Chicken Bouillon
Freezer Bags

I simply rinsed and sorted all of the Beans and dumped them into my crockpot. I added water and about a cup of Chicken Bouillon and the Onions . I did need to cook this for about 6 hours and continue to add more water during the duration of the day. About 4 hrs into cooking I removed them and put them thru the food processor and added a bit more water and put it all back in the crockpot and cooked them for another 2-3 hours. I then used my handheld emulsion blender and simply blended them in the crockpot. Last was chopping and adding the Cilantro. I then used a big ladle and placed 2-3 heaping ladles in Freezer Bags and froze them. I ended up with 10 bags a nice big bag for my neighbor and 1 serving left out in the fridge for the following nights dinner. I will never cook a small batch of Frijoles again.

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