Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Simple Authentic Quick Pasta Sauce

                Hi I am Jennifer. Amanda told me to indroduce myself which I think is what made me the most nervous about posting on the Blog. I have been over n over some of the previous recipe posts and I am not quite as fancy but my meals turn out delicious. This past year or so I have taken more to cooking from 'scratch' it is a little frightening at first  and I often catch myself saying "I hope this turns out" as I try something new but in all actuality I have come to realize that the truth is its easier to cook from scratch as it takes us back to the basics. I am also very tight budgeted as is everyone else nowadays. So cooking from scratch is cost friendly, and most importantly much more healthy for my family. I can actually pronounce all of the ingrediants. With that being said here we go with my first ever blog post and sharing of my simple recipes.

              Simple Authentic Quick Pasta Sauce
1lb of pasta (your choice) I used spaghetti noodles this time
EVOO (extra virgin olive oil is the only oil I ever use)
1 (28-oz) can of tomatoes with juices
1can of tomato paste
1 sprig of fresh rosemary (if you dont have fresh give your spice rack a spin and dry is ok)
some dried Italian spices (once again in your spice rack)
Basil 2-3 tbs of fresh (once again if you only have dried use it)
1 large onion (its optional use what you like)
1 pepper (yellow, orange, red or green)
1 large cup of mushrooms (sliced)
1 small Zucchini
Garlic chopped (added to your own liking we like a lot so I am not going to tell you to use an entire clove if you are not a garlic fan)

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese (not the stuff in a can I am adamant about that if you splurge on an ingrediant this is definately the one to splurge on)
1-2lbs of ground beef (or mix it up 1lb GB 1lb of Italian Sausage) this could also be an optional ingrediant depending on your family

Lets start by taking the tomatoes in your saucepan one by one take it to the bottom of your pan and squeeze it squish it up. I am a hands on cook if I can do it with my hands why drag out a gadget?

Squeeze all of the tomatoes  into the bottom of the pan one by one. If you feel a hard part that is not fully ripened toss it out. Now add the juice from the can (You can use fresh garden tomato to do this but you would need to boil, blanch, n peel them first. Perfect if you have an abundant garden I however do not. Read the ingrediants on the can of tomatoes. Its the same as if I had grown them)
Add the tomato paste your dry ingredients and your Basil and Rosemary Heat at a low temp we dont want to burn it

In another pan start cooking your meat and your mushrooms, onion, pepper and zucchini and garlic. Once all is cooked drain and add to sauce pan If you find your sauce a little runny add more tomato paste. Simmer for about 10-15 minutes (long enough to cook your pasta)

I am not going to tell you to boil the water for your pasta, cook
it drain it etc We can figure that out on our own I will however tell you that I add a little EVOO to my pasta water and it turns out perfect everytime.

Now right before you serve up your family add some freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese to the top and let your taste buds thank you for splurging on that one ingredient


  1. For whatever reason I consider bell pepper in my sauce a sin lol but this sauce is very close to the one I make! Delicious!!! I will try the pepper next time because you suggested it :)

  2. I use a red, yellow, or orange pepper in mine or a combo of the three. Its a nice delight to the taste buds!